Why should my child participate in the Solo Festival?

  • It builds confidence!
  • Provides an opportunity to work on self-discipline and work-ethic
  • Students have the opportunity to get feedback and ideas from someone other than their director
  • Students have an opportunity to work with an accompanist(for most)
  • The solo is specially chosen for your student and provides the perfect piece of challenge music
  • Each student has a chance to take charge of their own music
  • Students often have a chance to work with their director on a more individual basis
  • Another performance opportunity

What time is Solo Festival?

Solo Festival goes from 8AM to approximately 4PM. Students will only have to be there for their performance and are not required to stay the whole day. Performances and judging lasts for 7 minutes and ratings will be posted within 30 minutes after a student’s performance. Food and drink will be available for sale, so go enjoy a snack while you’re waiting for you score!

But my child has a sporting event(or some other event) that day.

You can request a performance time. Just make sure you include that information on your sign-up form when you mail it in! First-come, first served! If you have a conflict that day and would still like to participate, contact your director for more ideas.

Is this a competition?

No. Students perform only for a rating.

How much does it cost?

The fee for this year’s Solo Festival will be $31 per student. This covers the cost of judges, medals, accompanists, music and piano expenses. The sign-up form from Music Education Services must be filled out and MAILED with your fee by the deadline (to be announced when forms are mailed home in January)! Late entries cannot be accepted! Please DO NOT send the sign-up form to school with your child!

My child is only a beginner! How will they be able to perform their solo in such a short time of study on their instrument?

Your director will be helping the students in class until the solo festival. The concepts that students haven’t learned yet will be taught, one at a time, until the students are able to play their solo. Practice at home will be very important during this time because students will not work on their solos during weekly band classes. The students will be surprised at how much better they get on their instruments in a relatively short period of time!

Will my child be performing their solo on stage in front of hundreds of people?

No. Solo Festival is held at a school and solos will be played in classrooms. The only people in the room will be the soloist, piano accompanist, the judge and any family members that would like to listen.

What scales will be required?

These scales will have to be memorized for the solo festival:
Beginners: Bb Concert (Rudiment line 1)
Intermediates: Bb, Ab, and Eb Concert (Rudiment lines 1, 2, 3)
Advanced 3rd year: Bb, Ab, and Eb, F, C, and chromatic (Rudiments lines 1-5)
Advanced 4th year: Bb, Ab, Eb, F, C, G, and chromatic (Rudiments 1-6)
Advanced 5th year: Bb, Ab, Eb, F, C, G, Db, and chromatic (Entire rudiment sheet)

When will my child receive their medal?

Students will find out the day of the Solo Festival what medal they earned, but will not receive their actual medal until closer towards the end of the school year, where a special presentation will be made. Unfortunately, they are not made out of real gold, silver, and bronze!

This all sounds great, but my child doesn’t want to participate.

That’s OK if your child does not want to participate in the Solo Festival, however they will still have to learn their solo and perform both the solo and scale requirements for their director.