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A note from your Director….

 Updated March 27th, 2020

Good afternoon and Happy Friday!!

I hope everyone had a lovely week relaxing, enjoyed some much needed downtime, and is staying safe.
Looking forward, I want to help provide some alternative means to keep our young musicians motivated. I can not express my gratitude¬†to everyone who has taken the leap already into online music…..this will never replace in school teaching….but we’ll get through this together. ūüôā

1.¬ For the next two weeks (providing schools go back into session….) — I will be providing private lessons via Zoom. Maybe your student just didn’t digging Smart Music, or wants some more one-on-one instructions. Please click the link to select (one) time slot for your student.¬ https://signup.com/go/PaSWdTV

If your student chooses to do a private lesson,
MES is asking for parents to sign a disclosure¬†form for your student’s (and my) privacy. Please fill out the form prior to your lesson.


You will also need to download Zoom for this service. Zoom is FREE – and super user friendly. Visit zoom.us to download. You will receive a link prior to your student’s lesson to join the meeting. Click on “Join Meeting” and insert the code.


2. Will you join me for BAND JEOPARDY?!! Come join me on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for some fun musical trivia — and yes, you will need your instrument!! Bring the whole family – anyone can play! (but Ms. Walker….will there be incentives?….) — OF COURSE!! Because of limited spacing, please sign up for a time slot using the link below. Games will begin at 6:30PM, and can not last longer than 30 minutes — unfortunately Zoom will kick us out after that time….:(



Band Jeopardy will also take place on Zoom. You do not need to download a consent form to play. Participants will receive the meeting code prior to that evening to join in on the fun via email. If you are signing up multiple students, please do not take multiple slots. Just sign up under your last name in one slot.

3. Smart Music will have new assignments uploaded. I have revised the grading mechanism, which I hope more students will now find less frustrating. Some recommendations when recording…..

Wear headphones – this will help block out any outside noises.
LISTEN to the recording. This will help you hear and understanding how the exercise should sound.(especially brass players…)
Remember – it’s a computer grading you. I will always go back in and reassess how I feel you did and adjust your grade accordingly.

Anyone who participates in Smart Music will receive something super, extra, awesome sauce cool…..so don’t delay – record today!

(but Ms. Walker….can I just send you a recording of me practicing?)

YES!! Please do – I can provide feedback that way, as well. ūüôā

Thank you for all the families who have reached out already and have kept me up to date on how your family is doing. Across the board with speaking to my coworkers (and other teachers across the nation…) we miss you, and hope to see everyone very soon.¬†Stay safe – stay healthy – and I look forward to seeing many of your faces via Zoom soon. ūüôā

-Ms. Sharon Walker

Happy 7th Birthday, Cora!

Smart Music Links
Please note: You will have to use "Google Chrome" or the iPad version of "Smart Music" to access and use this.


Intermediate: WU46V-CKKPX

Advanced: ZD2UD-4HNWE

Beginner: 3R7YT-P4FEP

Intermediate: F3F26-ZYE4Z

Advanced: RTKJH-GJN7U

Class Code: TEV2Q-DUPLE


Intermediate: H3W4V-RMDCE

Beginner: DCPVX-CEXH3

Intermediate: FDYCU-P77PD

Advanced: EHQ2U-LJCU3

Beginner: 7EFN3-H2LYZ

Intermediate: MY6NU-VDEUV

Advanced: 27KMG-MDKVL


Intermediate: XNPGM-7EVKY


Instrument Cleaning Tutorials

Information on how to properly clean your Flute:

  • Items you need are: cleaning silk swab (or thin cotton cloth) and a Flute rod — pad savers are also a great tool
  • The outside of¬† the head joint can be cleaned by using a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab
  • Instructional Video

Information on how to properly clean your Clarinet or Saxophone:

Information on how to properly clean your Trumpet or Baritone

  • Items you need are: Valve Oil and Tuning Slide Grease — slide snakes are optional, but also a great tool
  • All brass mouthpieces can be disinfected with either luke warm water and dish soap, or rubbing alcohol
  • If the horn smells, it’s time to give it a bath!
  • Giving your Horn a bath

Information on how to properly clean your Trombone:

Remember to use the "S-T-A-R" acronym when reading a new piece of music.

Solo Festival 2020

Congratulations to all our students who attended either Solo Festival at Frassati or St. Peter these past weekends! I’m so proud of your hard work and dedication. Cheers!!

Special shout outs to students who received PERFECT scores!
  • Eleanor Rebmann – St. Bede – 8th grade Flute (Andalouse)
  • Micaela Paulino – St. Bede – 7th grade Flute (Ballet of the Shepard)
  • Samuel Hendricks – Crystal Lake Montessori – 6th grade Trombone (Jogging Along)
  • Hannah Salbilla – Prince of Peace – 5th grade Clarinet (Carnival)
  • Asher Adams – Stanton Middle School – 5th grade Trumpet (Fandago)
  • Ashlyn Bryant – Stanton Middle School – 5th grade Trumpet – (Oh When the Saints Go Marching In)
  • Meira Adams – Lotus Elementary – 4th grade Saxophone (Shenandoah)

Honors Band Information

What is Honors Band?

Congratulations to all the students who were selected for the Symphonic Honors Band Ensemble – I’m so proud of your hard work!

Erik Stover - Prince of Peace - Clarinet - 8th Grade
Samuel Hendricks - Crystal Lake Montessori - Trombone - 6th Grade
Eleanor Rebmann - St. Bede - Flute - 8th Grade
Reese Connor - Crystal Lake Montessori - Flute - 7th Grade

Congratulations to our students who were nominated for Concert Honors Band 2020!

Andrew Rabe - Stanton Middle School - Percussion - 7th Grade
Nathan Polichnowski - Prince of Peace - Clarinet - 6th Grade
Allison Reif - St. Bede Catholic - Flute - 6th Grade
Owen Ziemba - St. Bede Catholic - Flute - 8th Grade

Congratulations to our Intermediate Band Members who are taking on
Book #2! I'm so proud of your progress!

Band Calendars/Schedules