Nicholas Cincotti's Webpage
Music Education Services Teacher

Greetings and welcome to my page! You will find all important information for the following schools:

Catherine Cook-(C)

Hedges Elementary-(H)

Mitchell Elementary-(M)

Newberry Math and Science-(N)

Pope John Paul-(P)

St. Genevieve-(SG)

St. Richard-(SR)

First Lessons:

Wednesday, September 18 (C, SR)

Thursday, September 19 (SG)

Monday, September 23 (P)

Wednesday, September 25 (H)

Thursday, September 26 (M Beginning, N)

Friday, September 27 (M Int/Adv)

This Week’s Goals:

Beginning Bands:

-Introduce each other.

-Pass out instruments.

-Review Rules/Expectations.

-Create first sounds!

Intermediate/Advanced Bands:

-Introduce each other.

-Review Rules/Expectations.

-Continue where we left off in the method books.

-Pass out new music.