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CONGRATS to Jayden of St. Philip Lutheran School for winning this week’s Band Jeopardy! 

Join us on Thursday, May 21st at 5 PM for another round of Band Jeopardy!

Link and code will be sent via email

SmartMusic Exercises

Beginners: Page 14 #64 The Nobles, P. 15 #69 Morning
Intermediates: Page 27 #142. The Saints Go Marchin’ Again, P. 28 #150. Theme from “Surprise Symphony”
Advanced: Book 2 Page 10 #45 The Minstrel Boy, P. 11 #54 Comin’ Round the Mountain Variations
Agassiz Advanced: Book 2 Page 20 #97 American Patrol, #99 The Stars and Stripes Forever
Beginners: Page 16 #76 High Flying, P. 17 #84 Essential Elements Quiz
Intermediates: Page 29 #153 Carnival of Venice, P. 31 #160 Minuet
Advanced: Book 2 Page 14 #65 Sea Chantey, P. 15 #73 Big Rock Candy Mountain
Agassiz Advanced: Book 2 Page 21 #105 Chanson, #114 Yankee Doodle Dandy

Solo Fest! 

In this time of uncertainty, I wanted to take a moment to honor student’s who participated in Solo Fest! Join me in congratulating all of these fine musicians for their hard work and dedication to the Band Program!! 

Joey L. of NCA Primary

SmartMusic Codes

  1. Open a Chrome Browser and visit or download the iPad app for SmartMusic.
  2. Once opened, you are prompted a code. To find your code, find your school and class below and use that code:
  3. Once code is entered, you may begin practicing! I recommend practicing your music before getting started and submitting your music

Agassiz Beginner: 4VWPP-F3YX6

Agassiz Advanced: EKEPK-CF3KE

Beginner Code: U3EL7-UUDUZ

NCAM Beginner: EHKFW-AU7E7


NCAM Intermediate: UC3CJ-Y6UVE





St. Philip Beginner: 7PUXK-F3FDK


St. Philip Intermediate: EMQHF-43CZU


St. Philip Advanced: AVN3Z-D7PHM

Beginner Code: PXL4U-MD2UV