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Welcome Band Families!

I hope you are all staying safe and healthy while this virus runs its course!  While all students are adjusting to learning from home, I wanted to offer some practice resources to help the continuation of instrumental practice at home. As I stated in my previous email, all of my bands were in a really good position in terms of all concerts being over and us moving back into our method books for more instruction before everyone’s Spring Break was set to occur. The closure of schools for the time being does not have a large impact on what the students will be learning. Band lessons can be completed the following ways:

Video Private Lessons- Although Smart Music and individual practice at home are great, students also need a chance to ask questions and get direct feedback/assistance. Starting next week, on Tuesdays &  Thursdays I will be offering 30 minute private lessons through Google Meets (this is the tool I’m most familiar with and doesn’t require any extra downloads) to all my students. This is a great opportunity for students to get one on one help and continue their musical growth playing both band music/exercises and fun music of their choice. It is recommended that each student signs up for TWO lessons PER MONTH. We will work on a mixture of warm-ups, book material, or any fun music your student may have of his/her own.
To take advantage of the excellent opportunity, here is what you will need to do…
  1. There is a permission form that needs to be filled out for video lessons.  You can access it here.
  2. I will again be using to organize and select lesson times, please go to No registration or downloads necessary, just pick an available time and enter your email address and child’s name.
  3. The day before your lesson, I will send you an email reminder with your time and a link to join me online via Google Meets. Whether you are on a computer or mobile phone, Google Meets will allow me to see and hear all of my students.

Smart Music-Thank you to those of you who have already signed up for Smart Music.  Many of you have already practiced/submitted assignments!  I would like all students to at least explore Smart Music as a practice option during their time at home. Assignments will continue to be posted each week to keep students progressing through their method books at a consistent pace. Please take advantage of this technology while it is FREE.  Smart Music also generously upgraded all students to a Premium account which means that in addition to assignments given they can explore around 3,000 different songs through their musical library (including movie music, disney, video game music etc). Instructions on how to sign up for your free smart music account are listed below.

Note- For those who are just joining, if you’d like to rehearse the songs from your practice guide from previous weeks, simply go into the method book on Smart Music and select that song to play along with. You will not see older week’s material under the “current assignments.”

Individual Practice- The easiest way for your child to continue learning his/her instrument, is to follow the standard practice routine we have been using since the beginning of the year. This means 75 minutes of practice between Monday-Sunday, split up however each student wishes. For those just wishing to practice as normal, I have attached a “Practice Guide” that shows what each level of band should be working on for the next few weeks.

Note 1- For those students that never got a chance to perform their solos in class for me, I would recommend sending me an uploaded video of you playing your solo so all the hard work of preparing that piece does not go to waste. You can email me at If you have issues with uploading/sending a video due to size limitations, email me and we can work out another solution.

Note 2- It is important that while practicing, whether offline or online, you keep track of your practice times. Smartmusic will track this for you if you choose to use that resource


Kyle Anderson

Director of Bands

Smart Music free student account instructions:

In order to use the software, you need to create a SmartMusic account and join the correct class.

1. Open a Chrome browser and visit:

2. When prompted, enter your band code.

  • Avoca West Beginner, XPECV-RVRQE
  • Avoca West Intermediate,  W4LVH-WEPUJ
  • Marie Murphy Beginner,  MZPVN-YQDH6
  • Marie Murphy Advanced, 2RK64-QQ66U **updated 3/20**
  • Old School Montessori Beginner, 7F22M-NCZWE
  • Old School Montessori Intermediate, JJENH-GQYDZ
  • Old School Montessori Advanced, NP4RQ-3334A
  • School of St. Mary Beginner, AX2KV-TEE4X
  • School of St. Mary Intermediate, DHD7K-DY7EN
  • School of St. Mary Advanced, QZ3TA-TZEAE
  • St. Joseph (Libertyville) Beginner, DEAFA-3ZPUL
  • St. Joseph (Libertyville) Intermediate, JZK7Y-REHYE
  • St. Joseph (Libertyville) Advanced, JRGXR-KHPEJ
  • St. Joseph (Round Lake) Beginner, JNEJ3-7CPLE
  • St. Joseph (Round Lake) Intermediate, XXD3K-ZY7UT
  • St. Joseph (Round Lake) Advanced, QEMTM-QUGPE

Practice Guide March-April (this is what students should be practicing from their method books)

More Online Resources:

  • has very easy-to-follow lessons on the music staff, note duration, rests, time signatures, accidentals, etc. as well as exercises to test a student’s note identification, scale identification, key signature identification. Students can even set the range of note exercise to only test themselves on notes for their specific instrument.
  • has a large variety of FREE sheet music for many different instruments. If your child is getting tired of exercises from his/her method book, try looking through some of the free Rock & Roll sheet music, a Beethoven flute sonata, or some Jazz. Some of the music may be difficult, but have your band member challenge himself/herself! Short music lessons are also available under the “Resources”–>”Music Theory” menus.

Please Read and Sign Mr. Anderson’s Band Handbook: 2019-2020 Band Handbook

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