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Welcome Band Families!

(Updated 5/24) Below you will find updates for the week of 5/24. There are no new assignments for Smart Music or Individual practice (see below’s practice guide for instructions). Please, if you have not, complete the survey about Summer Lesson interest by next Sunday (5/31). Final updates regarding Summer, next year’s band, and a final farewell to our graduating 8th graders will be sent out next Monday, June 1.

Upcoming Dates-Please pay attention to the following important dates:

  • Monday, May 25th is Memorial Day, there will be no lessons on this day.
  • Sunday, May 31st is the last day to fill out the Summer Lesson Interest Survey.
  • Monday, June 1st will be the final Weekly Band Update, including all the final announcements for summer, next year, and a final farewell to our graduating 8th graders.
  • Friday, June 5th is the last day of Band (final Smart Music Assignments/Video Lessons)

Instrument Returns-I have received many questions about instrument returns. Students that are renting instruments from Music Ed Services DO NOT need to return their instruments over the summer. Students should keep their instrument to continue practicing over the summer months and prepare for their advancement to the next band group next year (Beginner to Intermediate, Intermediate to Advanced, etc.). Returns should only be needed if you are dropping band. In that case, email me and I will give you options on how to do so.

Summer Lessons- For the past few years, I have offered private lessons for students over the summer to continue their individual learning and advancement. Due to current circumstances it is unknown whether in-person private lessons would be possible, or even desirable. The plan this summer is to move forward by offering private lessons online. Although logistically similar to how eLearning lessons have worked for those who have taken advantage these past two months, the focus of summer lessons shifts slightly to work more on musicianship, and less on working through book exercises. Here are the basic details about summer lessons:

  • Summer lessons are not through Music Education Services, they are a service I am offering as a musician and an educator.
  • Lessons are $30 per 30-minute lesson.
  • Lessons will run a six-week period from the late June-early August.
  • It is recommended that participating students sign-up for 4-6 lessons.
  • A sign-up page will be posted with available days and times (link to be given at a later date).

***I am asking everyone, especially those interested in summer lessons, to fill out the following Summer Lesson Survey to help me better understand what the interest/demand for lessons will be. Please respond by May 31st, and I will then send out a sign-up page with available dates & times.***

Video Private Lessons-Lesson slots are all filled at this current time. Please email me if you are looking for lessons and I will notify you if openings occur. I cannot guarantee additional lessons at this time.

  1. There is a permission form that needs to be filled out for video lessons.  You can access it here.
  2. Zoom has now made passwords mandatory for all video meetings. When I send links out for your lesson, I will include the password you will need to enter in order to join the call.

Smart Music-No new assignments are being uploaded for this week. Please see below’s Practice Guide for instructions for the current week. No work on Smart Music is required for the week of 5/25.

If having trouble seeing assignments, please do the following. When looking at a student’s “homepage” where the assignments are listed, please click the “View All” link in the upper right. When the new window opens up, please scroll all the way to the bottom to see the current week’s songs.

Individual Practice-The easiest way for your child to continue learning his/her instrument, is to follow the standard practice routine we have been using since the beginning of the year. This means 75 minutes of practice between Monday-Sunday, split up however each student wishes. For those just wishing to practice as normal, I have included a “Practice Guide” below that shows what each level of band should be working on for this current week.


Kyle Anderson

Director of Bands

Smart Music free student account instructions:

In order to use the software, you need to create a SmartMusic account and join the correct class.

1. Open a Chrome browser and visit:

2. When prompted, enter your band code.

  • Avoca West Beginner, XPECV-RVRQE
  • Avoca West Intermediate,  W4LVH-WEPUJ
  • Marie Murphy Beginner,  MZPVN-YQDH6
  • Marie Murphy Advanced, 2RK64-QQ66U **updated 3/20**
  • Old School Montessori Beginner, 7F22M-NCZWE
  • Old School Montessori Intermediate, JJENH-GQYDZ
  • Old School Montessori Advanced, NP4RQ-3334A
  • School of St. Mary Beginner, AX2KV-TEE4X
  • School of St. Mary Intermediate, DHD7K-DY7EN
  • School of St. Mary Advanced, QZ3TA-TZEAE
  • St. Joseph (Libertyville) Beginner, DEAFA-3ZPUL
  • St. Joseph (Libertyville) Intermediate, JZK7Y-REHYE
  • St. Joseph (Libertyville) Advanced, JRGXR-KHPEJ
  • St. Joseph (Round Lake) Beginner, JNEJ3-7CPLE
  • St. Joseph (Round Lake) Intermediate, XXD3K-ZY7UT
  • St. Joseph (Round Lake) Advanced, QEMTM-QUGPE

Practice Guides (complete in order)

More Online Resources:

  • has very easy-to-follow lessons on the music staff, note duration, rests, time signatures, accidentals, etc. as well as exercises to test a student’s note identification, scale identification, key signature identification. Students can even set the range of note exercise to only test themselves on notes for their specific instrument.
  • has a large variety of FREE sheet music for many different instruments. If your child is getting tired of exercises from his/her method book, try looking through some of the free Rock & Roll sheet music, a Beethoven flute sonata, or some Jazz. Some of the music may be difficult, but have your band member challenge himself/herself! Short music lessons are also available under the “Resources”–>”Music Theory” menus.

Please Read and Sign Mr. Anderson’s Band Handbook: 2019-2020 Band Handbook

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