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Welcome Band Families!

(Updated 6/1) Below you will find the final updates for the 2019/2020 year of band.

Please read through all topics to see my final farewell for the year, tips for Summer playing, and preparing for next year!

Farewell to Graduating 8th Graders– A huge reason my bands do so well is the dedication of my graduating 8th grade students. These students have often put FIVE years of hard work into learning their instrument and performing at their highest level. These students will be missed next year, but I know they will continue on in their musical careers and create even more musical memories and experiences. I would like to recognize the effort and success of the following 8th Grade Students from my different groups and schools:

  • David Carnes, Alto Saxophone, St. Joseph-Libertyville
  • Daniel Grossner, Clarinet, Marie Murphy
  • Allison Jenner, Flute, School of St. Mary
  • Rintaro Kishi, Flute, Marie Murphy
  • Gabe Lopez, Percussion, Marie Murphy
  • Talia Murphy, Clarinet, School of St. Mary
  • Nora Niehus, Trumpet, Marie Murphy
  • Nora Petty, Flute, School of St. Mary
  • Elizabeth Thompson, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet, St. Joseph-Round Lake
  • Nehemiah Yazzie, Oboe, St. Joseph-Round Lake

Please click on this link, Mr. Anderson’s Message to 8th Graders, for a personal video message to my graduates!

Great job, and good luck next year!!

Band 2020/2021- When the new school year starts, all returning band students automatically advance to the next highest group in the band. Beginners to Intermediate, Intermediate to Advanced, and Advanced often splits into three groups to designate a student’s 3rd, 4th, and 5th year in the program. Once the school year begins, you will get a form in the mail from MES that asks you to indicate whether your child will be returning to band. Any changes to the band schedule will be conveyed to you at that time.

Please click on this link, Mr. Anderson’s Message to All Band Students, for a personal video send-off to summer and thank you to all my students!

Instrument Returns-Students that are renting instruments from Music Ed Services DO NOT need to return their instruments over the summer. Students should keep their instrument to continue practicing over the summer months and prepare for their advancement to the next band group next year. If your child is dropping band, contact me to discuss return options at one of the following locations: Elk Grove/Mundelein/Gurnee

Summer Lessons- This is a great idea for any students looking to continue their progress of the summer months and to get some tips and instruction to better prepare you for Band next year. There are two great ways to take part in private lessons over the Summer:

  1. I will offer VIRTUAL lessons over a six-week period this summer. Here are the details:
    • Summer lessons are not through Music Education Services, they are a service I am offering as a musician and an educator.
    • Lessons are $30 per 30-minute lesson.
    • Lessons will run a six-week period from the late June-early August.
    • It is recommended that participating students sign-up for 4-6 lessons, spaced across that six-week period
    • Sign up by going to this website and signing up for a time in three easy steps:
      1. Click this link to see our SignUp on
      2. Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like.**
      3. Sign up! It’s Easy – you will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on

        Note: does not share your email address with anyone.

        **The number of spots were chosen based on feedback from earlier survey, more times can be added as demand requires**
  1. Contact your local high school or music shop and ask for recommendations on private teachers. Often times these establishments have private teachers they regularly use.

Smart Music- A final pradctice guide for the week of 6/1 has been uploaded.

No assignments will be given on Smart Music over the Summer, but feel free to make use of the large and diverse music library while it is still being offered for free.

Individual Practice- My biggest advice to all band students this Summer, is to PLAY as often as possible, and have some FUN on your instrument. I look forward to seeing you next year!


Kyle Anderson

Director of Bands

Practice Guides (complete in order)

More Online Resources:

  • has very easy-to-follow lessons on the music staff, note duration, rests, time signatures, accidentals, etc. as well as exercises to test a student’s note identification, scale identification, key signature identification. Students can even set the range of note exercise to only test themselves on notes for their specific instrument.
  • has a large variety of FREE sheet music for many different instruments. If your child is getting tired of exercises from his/her method book, try looking through some of the free Rock & Roll sheet music, a Beethoven flute sonata, or some Jazz. Some of the music may be difficult, but have your band member challenge himself/herself! Short music lessons are also available under the “Resources”–>”Music Theory” menus.

Please Read and Sign Mr. Anderson’s Band Handbook: 2019-2020 Band Handbook

Avoca West

Avoca West Announcements:

Smart Music Code

  • Avoca West Beginner, XPECV-RVRQE
  • Avoca West Intermediate,  W4LVH-WEPUJ

Marie Murphy

Marie Murphy Announcements:

Smart Music Code

  • Marie Murphy Beginner,  MZPVN-YQDH6
  • Marie Murphy Advanced, 2RK64-QQ66U

Old School Montessori

OSM Announcements:

Smart Music Code

  • Old School Montessori Beginner, 7F22M-NCZWE
  • Old School Montessori Intermediate, JJENH-GQYDZ
  • Old School Montessori Advanced, NP4RQ-3334A

School of St. Mary

SOSM Announcements:

Smart Music Code

  • School of St. Mary Beginner, AX2KV-TEE4X
  • School of St. Mary Intermediate, DHD7K-DY7EN
  • School of St. Mary Advanced, QZ3TA-TZEAE

St. Joseph (Libertyville)

St. Joeseph (L) Announcements:

Smart Music Code

  • St. Joseph (Libertyville) Beginner, DEAFA-3ZPUL
  • St. Joseph (Libertyville) Intermediate, JZK7Y-REHYE
  • St. Joseph (Libertyville) Advanced, JRGXR-KHPEJ

St. Joseph (Round Lake)

St. Joseph (RL) Announcements:

Smart Music Code

  • St. Joseph (Round Lake) Beginner, JNEJ3-7CPLE
  • St. Joseph (Round Lake) Intermediate, XXD3K-ZY7UT
  • St. Joseph (Round Lake) Advanced, QEMTM-QUGPE

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