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Music Education Services Teacher

Serving Ebinger Elementary, Edison Park Elementary, Edison Regional Gifted Center, Norwood Park School, and St. Thecla Catholic School.

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2019-2020 School Year Events

Events labeled by school or level of attendees: EB = Ebinger, EPE = Edison Park Elementary, ERGC = Edison Regional Gifted Center, NOR = Norwood Park School, ST = St. Thecla Catholic

  • Late September – Start of Classes
  • 10/27 – Bowling Party (Intermediate and Advanced students only)
  • Mid December – ERGC December Concert¬† Rehearsal
  • Mid December – ERGC December Concert¬
  • Mid December -EB, EPE, NOR, ST – December Concert Rehearsal
  • Mid December -EB, EPE, NOR, ST – December Concert
  • Early March – Solo Festival (all students, optional but highly encouraged)
  • Mid March – ERGC March Concert¬† Rehearsal
  • Mid March – ERGC March Concert¬
  • Mid March -EB, EPE, NOR, ST – March Concert Rehearsal
  • Mid March – EB, EPE, NOR, ST – March Concert
  • Late April – Honors Band Festival (selected Advanced Band students only)
  • Mid May – ERGC May Concert¬† Rehearsal
  • Mid May – ERGC May Concert¬
  • Mid May -EB, EPE, NOR, ST – May¬† Concert Rehearsal
  • Mid May – EB, EPE, NOR, ST – May Concert
  • Early June – Ebinger Fine Arts Night (Ebinger students only)
  • Other end of year events TBA

Links for Specific Calendars

Concert Calendar – All of Mr. Novak’s Students

Ebinger Band Classes

Edison Park Elementary Band Classes

Edison Regional Gifted Center Band Classes

Norwood Park School Band Classes

St. Thecla Catholic School Band Classes

First Five Notes – Online Identification Practice



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