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Matthew Sandleback

Mr. Sandleback grew up in Wheaton, Illinois. He started his study of music in the 3rd grade by taking piano lessons. Eventually he joined band and began playing flute. During those first couple of years, Mr. Sandleback found a burning desire for music & loved the sense of community playing with others provided. He participated in jazz band, marching band & flute ensemble in high school. While in college at Northern Illinois University he marched with the Huskie Marching Band, was 1st chair of the Wind Symphony, played in the Philharmonic Orchestra & performed in several public recitals.
Throughout all of his career Mr. Sandleback has also been dedicated to teaching music. He first started by assisting with middle school jazz band and provided marching technique instruction through his local high school. Later he became the assistant director for the Cavaliers Midwest Connection, a guest conductor for various ensembles, a highly requested private instructor & marching specialist. He recently graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Music Education. He is new to Music Education Services but excited to be a part of the team. He is known for his energetic personality when teaching, and helping students to pursue their interests in music making. He aims to make every lesson unique and a fun experience.

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