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Music Education Services (MES) provides comprehensive band programs to elementary schools.  

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March, 2019
All of our students are learning a hand picked solo and are working very hard to master this challenging music. This year we are thrilled to have over 40% of our students attending Solo & Ensemble Festival to show off their skills. Those who have chosen not to attend will be performing their solo for their director. Either way it is a wonderful learning experience and we are proud of their accomplishments! The dividend of their hard work is paying off!  Music that once appeared to be difficult can now be played with a level of comfort and improved skill. 

I would like to wish our Solo Festival participants all the best on performing their solo piece! Please remember to have fun and enjoy this amazing experience! 
Steven A. Nierman
Music Education Services
Solo & Ensemble Festival has arrived with 5 festivals happening this and next Saturday (3/02 & 3/09). By now you should have received your scheduled time in the regular mail. If you have any last minute questions about what to bring, how to dress, etc... 
Click here for a checklist and other helpful preparation resources! Good luck to all of our students performing! 
Honors Band is a yearly event hosted by Music Education Services to highlight our best students by bringing them together to play more challenging music in a wind ensemble or full ensemble setting. This year's Honors Band Festival will be held on Saturday, April 27th at Elmhurst Christian Reformed Church. It is a full day event with various conductors, sectionals, and final concert.

Symphonic Band students were chosen through an audition process. Each student learned excerpts and uploaded videos of their performance.  Those videos were scored and students were placed within the ensemble by a panel of directors. This group will be performing in a traditional Wind Ensemble setting which means fewer students to highlight student independence and skill. 
Our Concert Band students were chosen through director nomination and a draft process.  As in years past this group will be performing in a large ensemble setting with more students per part.  These students will be notified by their director in mid-March.

It is an honor for students who were selected either by their director or through the audition process. Congratulations to all of you!! Symphonic band students are listed below. Directors are in the process of notifying Concert band members.
Click here for more information about Honors Band.
Congratulations to the students who were selected for the Symphonic Honors Band. These students all had to audition by submitting a video showcasing their talent. Following are the 52 students who were selected:  Use this link to print your Emergency Contact form and submit to your director as soon as possible .

Alto Saxophone Trombone
AnnaElisa Huynh Paige Hahn Josh Breer
Evan Harris Maximilian Peterson Marion Herrmann
Lauren Ulrich Autumn Wallis-Schwartz Henry Morgan
Eleanor Rebmann Dario Santoy Samuel Hendricks
Bianca Kohl Aaron Flores Kamil Lygan
Margaret Fecko Josephine Gravel Tristan Guidry
Rebecca Rentz Nate Vandergiessen Christopher O'Neil
Hannah Lewis    
Owen Ziemba
Tenor Sax
  Adrian Salgado Jack Mannion
Kay Manolis Trumpets Tuba
Sarah Anderson John Augustyn Christopher Kelleher
Piotrus Stawiarski Julia Yankee  
Caleb Goldstein Blake Harris Percussion
Aurelia Gray Jack Lucas Chris Taing
Melissa Hader Truan Bidmead William Markworth
Shania McAbery Jess Seaton Alec Kissane
Alexander Kloeckner Brandon Franczak Caleb Marcella
Claire Stonitsch Brendan Whitmer Gemma Gleeson
  Noreen McGough Katherine Timm
Bass Clarinet
Sophia Bradel    
In March, the National Association for Music Education leads the country in celebrating Music in Our Schools. Our theme this year is "All Music for All People."  This is a time where the entire nation raises awareness in the community for music through special activities and concerts. 
Music empowers and enriches the lives of students and our job is to make that known! It is important to support music education because it is fun, it teaches students life-long skills, and also creates a way for students to safely express themselves. These opportunities should be available to all students. Thanks for supporting the band program in your child's school! 
Check our Facebook Page this month for special posts about this exciting celebration
Students attending Solo Fest will receive important feedback from the adjudicator to propel them forward. Any student not attending the festival will receive this feedback from his or her director.  It is important that you go over this information with your child so they are aware of their progress and feel support at home for their musical development. This feedback is also important for your child to know that their teacher cares about them and is worthy of individual attention. 
If you have any questions or concerns about the progress report, please feel free to contact your child's teacher. We are happy to help!
Music, whether it's prenatally, in infancy, or throughout childhood, helps neurons in our brains form connections that may help us understand language; in adults, music can lower blood pressure and help regulate heart rate. Some hospitals play music for preemies in the neonatal intensive care unit. Researchers have discovered that such music, or even just Mom humming, may help babies gain weight faster and leave the preemie ward earlier. See full article here.