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Spring is in the air………..!

As we journey through this unusual time let us be thankful for the gifts we are still receiving.  Music is a gift to all.  Come, let’s make music to share and bring joy and happiness to the world.

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Smartmusic registration instructions

To help us with distance learning, Smartmusic is very generously providing everyone with a complimentary premium account to use until the end of June.  This will allow us to continue providing high-quality learning to all at no additional cost.

Every student will get their own personal account.  Families with more than one musician will need to sign up separately for each.

There is one restriction to using Smartmusic: You must use the Chrome browser.  Smartmusic does not currently support other browsers.  Follow the tabs below to complete the 2-step signup process

Do you have the Chrome browser installed?

If YES, skip to Step #2.

If NO, you need to download the Chrome browser and install it.  follow these links to get started:

Now it’s time to signup for Smartmusic!
Please read this very short set of instructions:

When you are ready, use this link to get to the Smartmusic enrollment page:

When you are asked for your band’s class code:

  • Go to the class codes section
  • Choose the tab for your school
  • Copy and paste the code for your level of band.  CLICK here for the Class Codes.

Class Codes for Smartmusic Sign-up:

Below you will find the class codes for each school.  Click the tab for your school and then copy & paste the code for your level of band into the Smartmusic sign-up page.

Ascension Beginners: YPKG7-DERFC
Ascension Intermediates: G3JT3-ZYTA2
Ascension Advanced: UMFTC-CFTV6
Sacred Heart Beginners: VPFWP-6NY3U
Sacred Heart Intermediates: HPQJR-ZRQ4U
Sacred Hearts Advanced: QDMWG-CRTYA
St. Odilo Beginners: ULDNV-42NWU
St. Odilo Intermediates: 3Y6M7-4WH7U
St. Odilo Advanced: XDA7V-KDTYN
St. Vincent Beginners: 33RPA-WU77E
St. Vincent Intermediates: RL6W2-TQEXJ
St. Vincent Advanced: AYNF7-LNHC4
St. Andrews Beginners: KQJCQ-YEHCG
St. Andrews Intermediates: AMHEJ-G2AYX
St. Andrews Advanced: WCPUV-UJXEH
St. Colette Beginners: MQN2L-JEFFT
St. Colette Intermediate/Advanced: H2FMX-J2LDA
St. Emily Beginners: EDULG-7DZUZ
St. Emily Intermediates: L7KKQ-EGNUP
St. Emily Advanced: PXZPE-R4TJH

Zoom session schedule

In order to safeguard our Zoom sessions from outside interference, Zoom session schedules and links are only available directly from me through email.  Contact me through my personal gmail account or my MES band email account for information.

Call the MES office at (847) 805-1800 if you need an email address.

Band Calendars and Assignments

SKILLBUILDERS: Websites for Fun (and Learning!)

Want to work on better understanding some basics?  Of course you do!  Who wouldn’t?

Choose something from the list below:



ALTO and TENOR CLEF (What are those…?)

Here are some videos that help explain what a key signature is:

Here are some ways to practice:

  • If you want to jump in and start exploring music theory on you own click here: and have some fun!

GREAT MUSIC VIDEOS: Have fun and explore!







  • You have most likely heard of Yo-Yo Ma, the cellist.  But, I bet you never heard him when he was 7 years old!  This is how you know you are born to do something!