Charles Shapera's Bio

Charles Shapera is a native of Chicago and has been involved in teaching, playing, and enjoying music for over 30 years. The son of a jazz drummer and nephew of a bass playing uncle, Mr. Shapera continued a family tradition in music by learning piano and bassoon. Able to play all of the woodwind and brass instruments, Mr. Shapera is currently studying violin and guitar. Twice a graduate of DePaul University, Mr. Shapera is continually pursuing excellence in music education and performance. His philosophy of music is: “Music is worth studying because it helps us learn about who we are as individuals and makes us more sensitive to life.

I believe that we are all students for life and studying music is a way of bringing joy into our lives. I want to share my joy of life through music with my students and help them each to find their unique musical voice.” Mr. Shapera shares music every day with his wife Zoe and two children, Arza and Micah.