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Video Band Lessons

To sign your child up for a video lesson we ask that you fill out a Google Form HERE this simply gives permission for us to have a lesson via video with your child. To sign up for a 30 minute lesson please click HERE. All lessons will be conducted via Google Hangouts, if you do not have access to Google Hangouts please let me know!


Hello Band students and families,

I hope you are all staying safe and healthy while this virus runs its course!  We will be continuing to offer band.  Band lessons will be moving online during this time. During this fluid and challenging situation, we ask you for patience and partnership as we all learn from this experience. Band lessons can be completed the following ways:

  • Smart music (preferred as it gives the students more guidance and help and allows them to assess their playing and how to continue improvement)
  • Instructions on how to sign up for your free smart music account are listed on the next page.
  • Google Classroom (second choice – it still allows assessment from the director but may take longer to receive feedback and suggestions)
    • Students can get and complete assignments in their school google classroom.
  • Email video clips of music/book lines to Mrs. Rennels  (use this only as a backup if students have a hard time sending through Google Classroom)
  • Practice assigned material and notate how much time was spent and what material was practiced.  Send it to Mrs. Rennels through email or google classroom. (Use this option if you do not have access to much technology)

Our goal is not to make this stressful for our families, but to keep our students learning and engaged throughout this extended closure.  Please feel free to reach out to me if your child needs extra help or guidance on any of the band assignments or if you have difficulty signing up for smart music.

Thank you!

Brittany Rennels


Cell Phone 309-336-0117

SmartMusic Instructions

Please note SmartMusic works best in the Chrome browser. There is also an app for iPad.

In order to use the software, you need to create a SmartMusic account and join the class code sent you by your band teacher

  1. Open a Chrome browser and visit:
  2. When prompted for a class code enter the class code below.

SmartMusic Class Codes

Canty Beginner Band 3QJ7Y-K6CUX

Canty Intermediate Band HZG3G-J4M6E

Canty Advanced Band V6NMQ-F273E

Dever Beginner Band WRPDE-3PPGE

Dever Intermediate Band 4DGFH-PV6UL

Dever Advanced Band QHMQ7-DCQTE

Guardian Angel Beginner Band WXJYK-6F7XH

Guardian Angel Intermediate Band 7DLKG-GMU77

Guardian Angel Advanced Band E7CHE-N6RAW

Pennoyer Beginner Band U677Q-6ZG3E

Pennoyer Intermediate Band NGZ6M-CCAUN

Pennoyer Advanced Band YVZV6-RGEWE

St Paul Beginner Band 34R44-D4PEH

St Paul Intermediate Band DUQAH-YJDEN

St Paul Advanced Band 3MV2H-PCFVM

St Zach Beginner Band CRRYU-WWGCU

St Zach Advanced Band THLGK-J7Z4F

Musical Games

Here you can find different musical games to work on note reading, rhythm and ear training for brass students.

Note Name Games: Name That Note, Music Notation Practice, Classics for Kids – Note Names

Rhythm Games: Classics for Kids – Match the Rhythm

Ear Training Games (for brass): Parrot Phrases

Listening Corner

School Calendars

Click on your school to see your child’s band schedule for the school year. Click on the Concerts/Events calendar to see all the concerts and events for the school year!

Canty Elementary

Dever Elementary

Guardian Angel
St. Paul
St. Zachary

Concerts and Events

All Concerts and Events are postponed until further notice! Please be sure to check back here for more information!

Practice Champs

This section features one student from each school who went above and beyond in his/her practice goals for the month!

CONGRATULATIONS TO… Luci Beckman from Pennoyer Elementary School AND Abigail Alcozer from St Paul Lutheran School!! Check back next month to see who will be featured next.

Monthly Newsletter

Here you can find an electronic copy of our monthly band newsletter. Our newsletter helps keep you up to date on what is going on in band world and features our Practice Champs and other helpful information!

Beginner Band Videos

Click on your child’s instrument to watch videos on how to assemble the instrument, getting a good first sound and instrument care.

Band Handbook

Click HERE for an electronic copy of the band handbook.