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Welcome to Ms. Rennels’ webpage! Below you will find information about concerts and events throughout the year, as well as your school’s band calendar, our monthly band newsletter, helpful tips and tricks and music games!


Due to the current CPS strike band classes are being held Monday and Tuesday at St. Philip School, 2500 Bryn Mawr Ave., Chicago. To register your child for classes at St. Philip please fill out the Google form HERE

School Calendars

Click on your school to see your child’s band schedule for the school year. Click on the Concerts/Events calendar to see all the concerts and events for the school year!

Canty Elementary

Dever Elementary

Guardian Angel
St. Paul
St. Zachary

Concerts and Events

Here you will find information about all upcoming concerts and events!

October Bowling Party:

Join us for a bowling party to kick off a new year of band! Students are encouraged to come in costume.

Date: Sunday, October 27th

Time: 12-1:30pm

Cost: $14 per student- includes 1.5 hours of bowling, pizza, unlimited beverages and a $5 card to the arcade.

Winter Band Concert and Rehearsal

Rehearsal- Monday, December 9th at Notre Dame College Prep, 7655 Dempster St., Niles

Time: Beginner Band 5:30-6:15pm

Intermediate Band 6:15-7:00pm

Advanced Band 7:00-8:00pm

Concert- Tuesday, December 10th at Notre Dame College Prep, 7655 Dempster St., Niles

Student Arrival Time 6:30pm

Concert Start Time 7:00pmus

Practice Champs

This section features one student from each school who went above and beyond in his/her practice goals for the month!

Monthly Newsletter

Here you can find an electronic copy of our monthly band newsletter. Our newsletter helps keepyou up to date on what is going on in band world and features our Practice Champs and other helpful information!

Beginner Band Videos

Click on your child’s instrument to watch videos on how to assemble the instrument, getting a good first sound and instrument care.

Musical Games

Here you can find different musical games to work on note reading, rhythm and ear training for brass students.

Note Name Games: Name That Note, Music Notation Practice, Classics for Kids – Note Names

Rhythm Games: Classics for Kids – Match the Rhythm

Ear Training Games (for brass): Parrot Phrases

Band Handbook

Click HERE for an electronic copy of the band handbook.