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Music Education Services (MES) provides comprehensive band programs to elementary schools.  

Brittany Rennels Webpage

Welcome to Ms. Rennels' webpage! Here you can find information regarding lessons, concerts and much more. 

Lessons begin the week of September 17th!

Ms. Rennel's Bio                           Contact Ms. Rennels at




School Schedules



Guardian Angel


Prairie Lakes

St. Matthew

St. Paul

Concert/Events Calendar


Practice Chart Champs!

This sections features the top 7 students who have exceed expectations in their practice minutes. Check each month to see who will be featured next!


Monthly Newsletters

Check here every month for updates, tips and information on what's going on in band!



Canty, Dever, Guardian Angel, Pennoyer, St. Paul Winter Rehearsal and Concert Dates 

Rehearsal: Monday, December 10th Notre Dame HS, 7655 Dempster St., Niles

Beginning Band: 5:30-6pm

Intermediate Band: 6-6:45pm

Advanced Band: 6:45pm-7:30pm

Concert: Tuesday, December 11th Notre Dame HS, 7655 Dempster St., Niles

Student Arrival: 6:30pm Concert begins at 7pm


Prairie Lake Winter Concert: Monday, December 10th 2pm Prairie Lake School, 404 Devon Ave., Elk Grove Vlg.



Costume Bowling Party: Canty, Dever, Guardian Angel, Pennoyer, St. Paul 

Location: Brunswick Zone, 7333 Milwaukee Ave., Niles IL 

Date: Saturday, October 20th 

Time: 12:00-1:30pm

Cost: $13 per person

Students are encouraged to dress up in costumes! 


Scale Masters

This section honors those students who can play all their major and minor scales.


Free Online Music Games

Here you can find some fun music games to play online for free!

Music Racer - Students can select 1 of 3 games to play, including a note naming game, a musical terms game and a fingereing game! Click HERE to play.

Rhythm Band - Create your own music, by drawing various percussion sounds on the music staff. Click HERE to play. 

Ear Training - For students who play trumpet, trombone, baritone and french horn ear training exercises can help students develope a stronger sense of pitch and gives them the ability to hear partials more clearly. Click HERE to play some ear training games!


Band Handbook
Click HERE to view a copy of the Band Handbook. All students will be given a copy on the first day of band.  Parents should read through the handbook with thier child(ren). Students should then sign and return the attached form to the teacher.

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Music Spells Success

  • Music Education Facts and Figures quotes many resources that prove studying music helps children to be successful in society, school, developing intelligence, and life.
  • Music Friends is a group of parents, community members, and other music advocates working to support local school music programs through grassroots initiatives.
  • The American Music Conference provides music advocacy resources for parents and educators.
  • Music is a great way to drill note names, key signatures, and even print out your own manuscript paper!