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Music Education Services Teacher

Welcome to Ms. Caulk’s webpage! Below you will find contact information, schedules, performance information, and SoloFest recordings

Contact info:

Email:      Phone number: (847) 532-4690


Band Olympics:

With school out, students can now participate in the first ever Band Olympics!!! Students can complete exercises and worksheets to earn recognition at our next concert as well as their very own medal or trophy! This is a great opportunity for students to stay engaged over this unexpected break and allows students to work at their own pace.

Exercises will be submitted through SmartMusic (free) and worksheets will be submitted through Google Classroom (also free). Students must receive a 70% or higher to pass. Assignments under 70% will need to be re-submitted. Videos introducing new concepts will be uploaded to Google Classroom as well to assist students in their learning. If students have any questions on an assignment, need help, or are frustrated, don’t hesitate to reach out to me! I’m here for your students!

Please find your student’s school and band level below to get started! Additional resources will be posted at the bottom. 


***Note – in order to use Google Classroom you must register with a Google email. Luckily, they’re quick, easy, and free to make 🙂




Audubon Beginner Band Olympics

Audubon Beginner SmartMusic

Audubon Beginner Google Classroom


Audubon Intermediate Band Olympics

Audubon Intermediate SmartMusic

Audubon Intermediate Google Classroom


Audubon Advanced Band Olympics

Audubon Advanced SmartMusic

Audubon Advanced Google Classroom




Hawthorne Beginner Band Olympics

Hawthorne Beginner SmartMusic

Hawthorne Beginner Google Classroom


Hawthorne Intermediate Band Olympics

Hawthorne Intermediate SmartMusic

Hawthorne Intermediate Google Classroom


Hawthorne Advanced Band Olympics

Hawthorne Advanced SmartMusic

Hawthorne Advanced Google Classroom


Pilgrim Lutheran


Pilgrim Beginner Band Olympics

Pilgrim Beginner SmartMusic

Pilgrim Beginner Google Classroom


Pilgrim Intermediate Band Olympics

Pilgrim Intermediate SmartMusic

Pilgrim Intermediate Google Classroom


Pilgrim Advanced Band Olympics

Pilgrim Advanced SmartMusic

Pilgrim Advanced Google Classroom


Pope John XXIII


Pope John Beginner Band Olympics

Pope John Beginner SmartMusic

Pope John Beginner Google Classroom


Pope John Intermediate Band Olympics

Pope John Intermediate SmartMusic

Pope John Intermediate Google Classroom


Pope John Advanced Band Olympics

Pope John Advanced SmartMusic

Pope John Advanced Google Classroom


St. Athanasius 


St. Athanasius Beginner Band Olympics

St. Athanasius Beginner SmartMusic

St. Athanasius Beginner Google Classroom


St. Athanasius Intermediate Band Olympics

St. Athanasius Intermediate SmartMusic

St. Athanasius Intermediate Google Classroom


St. Athanasius Advanced Band Olympics

St. Athanasius Advanced SmartMusic

St. Athanasius Advanced Google Classroom


St. Bartholomew 


St. Bartholomew Beginner Band Olympics

St. Bartholomew Beginner SmartMusic

St. Bartholomew Beginner Google Classroom


St. Bartholomew Intermediate Band Olympics

St. Bartholomew Intermediate SmartMusic

St. Bartholomew Intermediate Google Classroom




Stone Beginner Band Olympics 

Stone Beginner SmartMusic

Stone Beginner Google Classroom


Stone Intermediate Band Olympics

Stone Intermediate SmartMusic

Stone Intermediate Google Classroom


Stone Advanced Band Olympics

Stone Advanced SmartMusic

Stone Advanced Google Classroom






Pope John XXIII

St. Athanasius

St. Bartholomew



Performance Information:

May Concert – Audubon, Hawthorne, Pilgrim, and St. Bartholomew

Dress Rehearsal: May 18th from 6-7:30pm

Concert: May 19th at 7pm*

*Students arrive at 6:30pm

Location: Hawthorne Scholastic Academy

3319 Clifton Ave., Chicago, IL 60657

Uniform: Beginners – Dress Clothes (any color), Intermediate/Advanced – White Dress Shirt, Black pants/skirt

***No sneakers, t-shirts, or jeans please!!!***

May Concert – Pope John, St. Athanasius, and Stone

Dress Rehearsal: May 20th from 6-7:30pm

Concert: May 21st at 7pm*

*Students arrive at 6:30pm

Location: Agassiz Elementary School

2851 N Seminary Ave., Chicago, IL 60657

Uniform: Beginners – Dress Clothes (any color), Intermediate/Advanced – White Dress Shirt, Black pants/skirt

***No sneakers, t-shirts, or jeans please!!!***


SoloFest Recordings:


When the Saints Go Marching In – Accompaniment With Solo

When the Saints Go Marching In – Accompaniment Without Solo

When the Saints Go Marching In – SLOW Accompaniment With Solo

When the Saints Go Marching In – SLOW Accompaniment Without Solo

Melody – Accompaniment With Solo

Melody – Accompaniment Without Solo


Serenade from “Don Giovanni” Accompaniment With Solo

Serenade from “Don Giovanni” – Accompaniment Without Solo

St. Anthony Chorale and Rhondo – Accompaniment With Solo

St. Anthony Chorale and Rhondo Accompaniment Without Solo

Minuetto – Accompaniment With Solo

Minuetto – Accompaniment Without Solo


Minuet and Trio – Accompaniment With Solo

Minuet and Trio – Accompaniment Without Solo

Polonaise – Accompaniment With Solo

Polonaise – Accompaniment Without Solo

A Day in Venice – Accompaniment With Solo

A Day in Venice – Accompaniment Without Solo