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Dear Band Families,

Spring is in full swing! I hope you have managed to keep entertained throughout the rainy days; I know there is warmer weather around the corner!

  1. Students should sign up for times for online lessons with Mr. Boyd. School year lessons will be available through May 29th(please contact Mr Boyd with info for summer lessons). Please check your email for the sign up link and more information.
  2. As you probably have heard, Band has moved online, using This is a free tool, and weekly assignments will be posted for completion. Students will receive immediate feedback from the program on ways they can improve, as well as feedback from myself. I will be continuing to upload content as time progresses.
  3. The May concert is Cancelled.

Our goal is not to make this stressful for our families, but to keep our students learning and engaged throughout this extended closure.  Please feel free to reach out to me if your child needs extra help or guidance on any of the band assignments or if you have difficulty signing up for smart music. I am here for your students continued success in Band and our program.


Mr. Adam Boyd

Online Lessons

How to: Smart Music Sign-up and Parent Resources

Directions for SmartMusic sign-up:

1. Open a Chrome browser and sign up at:
*make sure to enter a backup email*

2. When prompted, enter your band code:

  • Beginner –   E4JRW-J24MW
  • Intermediate –  7FPVQ-Z64M6
  • Advanced –  RZUPD-XLHXA

FUN Project for all students Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced:

Find a FUN piece to play: you can find a piece on SmartMusic, on sheet music websites like, or even in your book! Pick your piece and prepare it for your lesson, then share it with family and friends! This project is all about exploring new things and finding something that you enjoy and want to share.

Assignments: Students are working on their FUN project and are being assigned individual projects during lessons. If you are unable to have a lesson with Mr Boyd, please work on the following:

Advanced – Continue work on Star Wars (paper copy), Pure Imagination, DC Universe, and Afterburn (access via SmartMusic). Book 2 scales and rudiments in the back part of you book labled Rubank Studies. Clean your instrument! Scroll down for instructions.

Intermediate – continue work on Everything is Awesome and Pure Imagination. Concert Eb scale p 40-41 #’s 1, 2, & 3. Book 1#’s 132. Day-o (the Banana Boat Song) can be found on SmartMusic. Clean your instrument! Scroll down for instructions.

Beginner – begin work on Concerto for Triangle (in your folder and on SmartMusic). Also, Book #’s 49, 51, and Bb concert #’s 1 & 2 on p 40. Clean your instrument! Scroll down for instructions.

How to Clean Your Instrument

**note for woodwinds** be careful not to get your pads or corks wet and be gentle enough so keys don’t get bent. Reeds typically last 6-10 weeks before they must be replaced.

Flutes – inside | outside

Clarinets – instrument | reed & mouthpiece

Saxes – instrument | reed & mouthpiece

**note for brass** make sure to have your valve oil or trombone grease, and tuning slide grease on hand. Pipe snakes are a great tool but not required.

Trumpet and Baritone – instrument & mouthpiece

Trombone – instrument & mouthpiece

**note for percussion** use cleaner ONLY with parental supervision

Percussion – clean your snare | wipe down your bells with a soft cloth

"Mr Boyd, I lost my . . . !"

Listening Corner

NEW! Cool Stuff:

Other Resources:

Play along to your songs in the EssentialElements book:

***use the code from the front of your band book***


Get better at reading music:




Free Tuner:

Free Metronome:


More coming soon…


Weekly Rehearsal Schedules *SUSPENDED*


Beginner – T TH 10:45-11:30

Intermediate / Advanced – M W 10:45-11:30

Advanced – F 10:45-11:10


Beginner – M TH 8:30-9:15

Intermediate / Advanced – M TH 7:45-8:30

Keller Gifted

Beginner – M TH 2:30-3:15

Intermediate – T 2:30-3:15, TH 3:15-4

Advanced* – M T 3:15-4 (combined with Mt Greenwood ADV at Keller on Monday)

Mt Greenwood

Beginner – M 12:15-1:15, W 2:45-3:30

Intermediate – W 2:00-2:45, F 7:00-7:45

Advanced* – M  3:15-4 at Keller, W 3:30-4:15


Beginner – W 8-8:40, F 2:45-3:30

Intermediate* W 7-7:45, F 2-2:45 with Advanced

Advanced – T 7-7:45, F 2-2:45 with Intermediate


Beginner – T 12:40-1:20, F 8:30-9:15

Intermediate / Advanced – T 8:30-9:15, F 12:40-1:20

Upcoming Concerts *SUSPENDED until Fall 2020*

***May concerts have been CANCELLED***

Robert A. Black Elementary,

Edgar Allen Poe Classical School,

and Oakdale Christian Academy:

Fall Concert – TBD
Fall Dress Rehearsal – TBD

Beginner 4:30-5:15

Intermediate 5:15- 6:00

Advanced 6:00-6:45

Location TBD


Keller Gifted School,

Mt Greenwood Elementary,

and Clissold Elementary

Fall Concert – TBD
Fall Dress Rehearsal – TBD

Beginner 3:30-4:15

Intermediate 4:15- 5:00

Advanced 5:00-5:45

Location TBD

Band Member Concert Attire

Students are to wear black bottoms, socks, and shoes (or as dark as you have available) and white tops (collared shirt, buttondowns, blouse, or otherwise). Attire must be in line with your school handbook.