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Welcome to Ms. Walker’s Band website! Here you can find all sort of helpful tools – both for parents and students alike – that will help aid your student’s journey through Band this year. Whether this is your first or fifth year, my website provides materials including Getting Started in Band Q&A, learning about the different instruments in Band, listening examples for our concerts, helpful worksheets for extra assistance on note recognition or rhythm patterns, Band calendars, special dates, materials that get misplaced over the year, and much more. You can always check here for frequent updates and announcements. I’m looking forward to another musical year with everyone!

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Did you know? According to a 2005 public poll…..

  • 93% agree that the arts are vital to providing a well rounded education for children
  • 86% agree than an arts education encourages and assists in the improvement of a child’s attitude towards school
  • 83% believe that arts education helps teach children to communicate effectively with adults and peers
  • 79% agree incorporating the arts into education is the first step in adding back what’s missing in public education today  
(Source – www.artspeaks.net)

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Listening Corner: Advanced Band

The Chipmunk Song

March Into Christmas

Season of Peace

Silver Bells (no recording)

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