Hello Spring!

Weekly Band Newsletter

Upcoming Games and Events

Have you ever done any escape room, or thought about doing one? Look no further! Come join me to complete online puzzles in 60 minutes or less to ESCAPE THE ROOM!


Rooms are designed for all members to play – this is a team building activity, so come with your thinking cap on! SPACE IS LIMITED – please select only one time slot. For a family of multiple students, please only select one slot. Sign up here: https://signup.com/go/NpTzLiz

Looking for some fun? Check out these free games to help review some of the content we’ve learned this year!

Notes and Rest Review

Swat it! – Rhythms

Name that tune! (Treble)

Name that tune! (Bass)

Band Bingo

We understand that this is a trying time for everyone – and we hope that music can continue to be an outlet for fun and relaxation for our students. Private lessons are being offered weekly via Zoom. Please select (one) time slot for your student per week, or (two) lessons per month. Lessons are half a hour, and are catered to your students needs. They are a fantastic way to stay in a routine of practicing, as well as focus on areas of opportunity, as well as explore new and exciting music your student may be interested in trying out.

Private Lesson Privacy Form

Sign up here for lessons

Codes will be sent either the night prior or the morning of your student’s lesson to help protect their privacy.

Smart music is being used to help students stay current with their Essential Elements Book work. Assignments are being uploaded every other week, and can be recorded at any point through the end of the year. Please find your school's code below to start for free today! Please note: You need have Google Chrome to use Smart music. www.smartmusic.com


Intermediate: WU46V-CKKPX

Advanced: ZD2UD-4HNWE

Beginner: 3R7YT-P4FEP

Intermediate: F3F26-ZYE4Z

Advanced: RTKJH-GJN7U

Class Code: TEV2Q-DUPLE


Intermediate: H3W4V-RMDCE

Beginner: DCPVX-CEXH3

Intermediate: FDYCU-P77PD

Advanced: EHQ2U-LJCU3

Beginner: 7EFN3-H2LYZ

Intermediate: MY6NU-VDEUV

Advanced: 27KMG-MDKVL


Intermediate: XNPGM-7EVKY


Instrument Cleaning Tutorials

Information on how to properly clean your Flute:

  • Items you need are: cleaning silk swab (or thin cotton cloth) and a Flute rod — pad savers are also a great tool
  • The outside of¬† the head joint can be cleaned by using a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab
  • Instructional Video

Information on how to properly clean your Clarinet or Saxophone:

Information on how to properly clean your Trumpet or Baritone

  • Items you need are: Valve Oil and Tuning Slide Grease — slide snakes are optional, but also a great tool
  • All brass mouthpieces can be disinfected with either luke warm water and dish soap, or rubbing alcohol
  • If the horn smells, it’s time to give it a bath!
  • Giving your Horn a bath

Information on how to properly clean your Trombone:

Remember to use the "S-T-A-R" acronym when reading a new piece of music.

Honors Band Information

What is Honors Band?

Congratulations to all the students who were selected for the Symphonic Honors Band Ensemble – I’m so proud of your hard work!

Erik Stover - Prince of Peace - Clarinet - 8th Grade
Samuel Hendricks - Crystal Lake Montessori - Trombone - 6th Grade
Eleanor Rebmann - St. Bede - Flute - 8th Grade
Reese Connor - Crystal Lake Montessori - Flute - 7th Grade

Congratulations to our students who were nominated for Concert Honors Band 2020!

Andrew Rabe - Stanton Middle School - Percussion - 7th Grade
Nathan Polichnowski - Prince of Peace - Clarinet - 6th Grade
Allison Reif - St. Bede Catholic - Flute - 6th Grade
Owen Ziemba - St. Bede Catholic - Flute - 8th Grade