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Music Education Services (MES) provides comprehensive band programs to elementary schools.  

Sharon Walker's webpage


Welcome to Ms. Walker's Band Page

Ms. Walker's Bio

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Ms. Walker's kitty, Cora, says "Have a Very Meowy Christmas!"


Save the Date!

Band Calendar for Montini/St.Mary/CLMS

Info regarding concert - please review 

Band Calendar for Stanton/Lotus/POP/Bede/Old School Montessori/St. Joseph

Info regarding concert - please review



Listening Corner 


Thank you for a wonderful concert!





Lesson Calendars (via Google Calendar)

St. Bede



St. Mary

Montini Catholic 

Prince of Peace




Honors Band Information

Click here on how to submit your videos

The deadline is December 20th -



Student New Section

​St. Bede Advanced Band made it to Book 3!


Stanton Advanced Band made it to Book 3!



Stanton Intermediate/Advanced Band at the District #114 Santa Pancake Breakfast - thank you for waking up early with me to make music, and supporting your PTA!


Lotus Beginner Band traveled around to the 3rd grade classes and played "Jingle Bells" and "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas" to get everyone in the holiday spirit! 


Highlights from the concert 



Band Handbook

Videos for Beginner

Finger Chart - Fill in the blank - all instruments 

Staff of Notes - Treble Clef

Staff of Notes - Bass Clef

Name That Note! - Note recognition game

Band Karate 

Work Sheet #1 for Treble Clef - Halloween

Work Sheet #2 for Treble Clef - Halloween

Work Sheet #1 for Bass Clef - Halloween

Work Sheet #2 for Bass Clef - Halloween


Practice Log Information

December Practice Logs

January Practice Log

* Practice Logs will be checked for beginners WEEKLY - on the day that provides them with the most amount of time in between their lesson

* Practice logs can be turned in at the end of each month for a prize:

450 minutes logged = 1 prize (~15 minutes a day)

600 minutes logged = 2 prizes (~20 minutes a day)

900 minutes logged = 3 prizes (~30 minutes a day) 







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Music Spells Success

  • Music Education Facts and Figures quotes many resources that prove studying music helps children to be successful in society, school, developing intelligence, and life.
  • Music Friends is a group of parents, community members, and other music advocates working to support local school music programs through grassroots initiatives.
  • The American Music Conference provides music advocacy resources for parents and educators.
  • Music is a great way to drill note names, key signatures, and even print out your own manuscript paper!