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Hello Band Parents and Students!  Looking forward to wonderful music filled month of May.  It will be a great display of our talented students in band.


We are now working on the music for the May concerts for all levels, We will have the Spring Concert and Family Picnic, Band Tour for Int and Adv, and concerts at each school.  Details below.


General Information for the Rockford Catholic and Spectrum School Band Program

My name is Mark Nelson and I am the band director at all of the Rockford Catholic schools and Spectrum Progressive School.  This is my fourth year as director for all the schools.  It is an honor and a privilege and I am looking forward to meeting many new people and to working with the students. 

Our groups take the entire school year to develop skills and create music together. 

Band activities will include: 

  • Performing in December and May for the entire school.
  • Being a part of the school programs as the band shares its talents with everyone.
  • Performing mini-concerts for lower grade classes.
  • Joining with all Rockford Catholic schools to perform three concerts at Boylan High School and Sinnissippi Park Band Shell. 
  • Going on a “World Band Tour”- our Advanced bands tour to play concerts at other Rockford Catholic schools.
  • Advanced band performs the National Anthem at a Rockford Ice Hogs game.
  • Exciting social events such as pizza lunch, donut parties and skating parties. 

Here are more details about the program:

  • No experience is necessary as the entire band learns how to read music and the specific techniques to play their instrument. 
  • Students gain confidence, learn group cooperation, and learn how to express themselves through music.
  • The band meets two times per week, both during school hours.  Our teachers are excellent at supporting the band students when having to miss a class for band participation.
  • Instruments can be rented or you may provide your own.  Look in the newspaper or internet for used instruments or a relative may have one not being used.  Included are flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, percussion (snare/bells)


I look forward to meeting your child and giving him/her the chance to discover the talent that is within them.  Any questions, please do not hesitate to call Mr. Nelson anytime at (815)979-3087 or email at


Mr. Nelson

Current Events

We are now preparing for May events! Here are the letters will all the details for the event. 

May 1st- Band Tour for Int and Adv Bands

Int/Adv Band Tour Letter

Int/Adv Band Tour Permission Slip


May 14 Spring Concert Rehearsal- Boylan

May 15 Spring Concert and Family Picnic

Spring Concert Letter and Picnic/Food Order Note


Individual School Concerts in May on various dates


May Calendars will be posted soon!



School Schedules

To see a specific date, see the monthly calendar here.

Band Lessons Calendar



Event Calendar

The calendar for this school year has been sent home with your child and here it is for access anytime.


2017-18 Band Event Calendar


Mr. Nelson's Schedule

Mr. Nelson is at each school various times throughout the week.  To see the entire schedule, click below.

2017-18 Rockford Band Schedule

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